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The Way Way Back starring Steve Carell,Sam Rockwell,Liam James,Nat Faxon,Maya Rudolph,Jim Rash,AnnaSophia Robb,Allison Janney and Rob Corddry.

This movie will make you have a ton of laughter then later break your heart.It’s a great teen movie that was well directed and thrilling.It’s nothing like any other teen movie that makes you go ‘bleh’.It really is a perfect teen movie.The cast of all the characters really suits the movies.Duncan(Liam James)being the top main character who sits in the way,way back of the

car station wagon,that belongs to Trent(Steve Carell)a not so good boyfriend at all to Pam (Toni Collette) and Trent’s daughter(Zoe Levin)

They’re all heading to a vacation to the beach where Trent’s beach house is at.When there vacation begins it doesn’t start out so bright.Trent told Duncan that out of a scale to 10 he rates him a 3.After a little while Duncan runs away to find a water park that is managed by Owen(Sam Rockwell) who is a very funny rebellious park manager.As Duncan continued to run away to the water park Owen decided to make Duncan his new employee and there a new life begins of ‘Pop n Lock.’Later, in the movie Duncan can sense that Trent is cheating on his mom,Pam, but his mom won’t say anything,because it happened already before.

Many funny events happen and a legend starts of ‘Pop n Lock’.The movie is also loaded with many amazing actors that add more “flavor” to the movie.They are all very great actors and all make you feel like you can share a bond or a connection with each character.

To me I feel like the movie has no bad part to it.The movie is very well constructed and great to connect to.It makes you feel like you’re not the only one with a problem or that you can travel to a whole different world and enjoy life knowing there will always be ups and downs.

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