3, 2, 1, TitanFall!

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Do you like homing bullets, the ability to run on walls, or the sight of breath taking robots and guns!? The video game Titan Fall has all of those things. You can have a rocket designed for destroying Titans/robots, 3 different types of Titans; Assult, Tank, and Artillary, different types of human classes, and more! To play the game you will need Xbox Live Gold, an online pass to play the game.

When I played the game, I took the tutorial, learned the controls, rules, guns, and the types of Titans and humans. I even was given a tutorial fight lesson, and a survival round against computer bots. After I was done with the tutorial, I did the campaign. You need Xbox Live Gold to play this game, because every thing in this game is worldwide. That means you can only play if you have an online pass, or Xbox Live. When I went on the campaign, I found out that I was playing with other people, not AI enemies. I continued anyways. I got demolished; I never did so bad in a video game. I always get shot dead right when I see some one, sometimes I didn’t even see them! Then, I saw someone and got a kill, only to get killed right away. Soon I got Titan Fall (giant robot suit falling from the sky) and said, “Yes, I can kick some butt with this!” When I saw the nearest enemy Titan, I shot him up! I was able to shoot him a lot since he didn’t see me.  I charged at him and destroyed his Titan. I only had one thing to say, ” THAT WAS AWESOME!!!” On a scale of 1-10 for awesome gaming, I would give TitanFall a 12.

I think the game TitanFall is one of the best games of this generation.  There’s homing bullets, robots you control, and even next level guns. Titan Fall has all your video game dreams come true.  Unlike the other games, TitanFall has great action, good graphics, epic abilities, robots, and guns.  The only downside about it is that it can be expensive.  The game costs  $30-$60, plus the cost of Xbox Live Gold. If you put that aside, you can experience the game of a life time. The robot wielding, awesome weaponry packed game of TitanFall!





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