American Horror Story Is Awesome

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*Spoiler Alert*

If you love thrilling, dramatic, and mysterious TV shows or movies, you will love American Horror Story.  American Horror Story is an anthology series, each season has a new set of characters, setting, and storyline. The show so far has featured a haunted house, an asylum, a witch coven, and soon a freak show. I have seen every episode in the whole series. I really enjoyed the endings of each season because it made me realize that even a horror story can have a happy ending, but in a different way.

In almost all of the episodes, especially the first season (the haunted house), it’s very suspenseful, you never know what is going to happen next. Throughout the seasons Jessica Lange (actress) usually played the antagonist and the main character, her characters throughout the seasons all had a troubled past that turned them into the antagonist, like in the second season “American Horror Story: Asylum“, Lange played Sister Jude, Sister Jude was coming home one night from a bar and accidentally hit a little girl who was on her bike, Sister Jude was in shock and had no idea what to do, so she shamefully left the girl and went to an insane asylum to become a Sister. Another Sister, who had the Devil inside her, would taunt Sister Jude about the incident to try to break Sister Jude.

American Horror Story is unique, almost all the main characters have secrets that help build up the climax, and can sometimes make the viewers turn on them, at some points of the show,I turned on a few characters. American Horror Story is the best! Next time you are surfing Netflix for something to watch, consider American Horror Story. If you feel that the show might be scary, don’t worry. It is only frightening at night.

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