Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e or simply known as Hana Kimi is based on a popular manga created by Hisaya Nakajo. Hana Kimi is a drama based on a girl named Mizuki Ashiya who disguises herself as a male to get into Osaka Academy, a school who only accepts the handsomest of guys. The three main characters are Horikata as Mizuki Ashiya, Shun Oguri as Izumi Sano and Toma Ikuta as Shuichi Nakatsu. The reason mizuki came from America to Japan was to encourage Sano to start high jumping again due to a past accident involving herself.

I have not read the original manga or the other drama of this series yet, so I cannot really compare the three, but this drama was a very funny and interactive series. During the 12 episodes, I had a hard time putting it down. All of the little funnies like Hibari Four shutting Komari out, everyone forgetting about Sekime’s name, the three dorm heads extreme rivalry, and the other students will always steal the spotlight of the main cast if there is the opportunity to steal it.

I would highly recommend this series if you are up for a good laugh, and a fun romance. I think that all the gags made this drama much more memorable, and really pointed out the serious moments which really helped out the plot. Kagurazaka was Sano’s main rival in high jumping, even though Kagurazaka was really tough to beat I liked Sano’s determination to jump again thanks to Mizuki’s encouragement and persistent spirit. When Sano’s family gets introduced and the reason why he stopped jumping gets revealed I think this series turns more into a serious drama for the time being.

Since this show has to do with a girl entering an all-boy school, I will talk about what she looks like, when she wears boy cloths she does look like a boy. Granted his voice sounds a little high due to her being a girl I think it was much better than the 2011 drama where Mizuki’s voice sounds really chirpy. Another fun part is when she dresses up as a girl in beautiful clothes during talent shows, she looks almost like a professional model while all the other guys look very weird. In all Hana Kimi was a very funny and entertaining series, if you ever get the chance you should go and watch it.



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