Lola and The Boy Next Door

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This book, let me tell you about this book. This book is like you’re Hazel in The Fault in our Stars, you feel happy, sad, angry, confused, and basically everything in between. This book is about a girl named Dolores Nolan, Lola for short. She is dating this guy who’s in a band (with tattoos and is a total hottie) named Max. Max is….a special character. Lola’s best friend, Lindsay hates him. Not like push him out a window hate, but like, glare and talk about him when he’s not around hate.
Well all is good until one day, a moving truck is outside the empty house next door. Lola is devastated when she sees two people she wishes never again to see. The Bell twins, Cricket and Calliope Bell.
Cricket, Lola, and Calliope have a twisted history. Lola and Calliope were friends till it no longer became cool to hang out with the little girl next door, so Calliope left, so Cricket and Lola’s friendship became non-existent. That is, until Lola’s first year of high school. With Calliope being a world-wide known ice skater, they usually were home-schooled. So when it comes to friends, it didn’t really go much farther than the twins having each other. One day Cricket and Lola accidentally meet up, and from there their friendship grew. Soon they became nearly inseparable. Jealousy struck Calliope, realizing she was going to lose her best friend, she tricked Lola into thinking Cricket didn’t like her and it broke her heart. The twins and the rest of the Bell family moved away, but returned two years later.
Well now that Cricket and Calliope are back in Lola’s life, but there’s something about Cricket that needs to be known, Lola loves him, but she’s with Max, so what will she do? After all, what she knows is that Cricket tricked her, but now old feelings have returned. Read what will happen next in this amazing book, Lola and The Boy Next Door!

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