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*********WARNING SPOILER ALERT********

Do you like bloody and gory meat eating creatures?

If so then I would recommend The Walking Dead. The walking dead is a horror TV series that is extremely famous around the world. In the show my favorite people are Daryl Dixon, michonne, and Glenn Rhee. The plot of the show is people trying to survive in a zombie infested world and there is maybe about 70 survivors total in the world. Some of the characters weapons are a crossbow, Revolver, M4A1, Samurai Sword,and Mp5’s. The main character of the story is Rick Grimes, in real life his name is Andrew Lincoln or Andrew Clutterbuck, and his mission is to survive as long as they can. Some of them used a camouflage of zombie guts or by breaking of the jaw and cutting off the arm it will not bite you or eat you it goes into a fasting mode. They sometimes are low on food and have to go and get food but they have to watch out for zombies or else they will be eaten. They also get more cars to use if they have gas of course. Some zombies are strong and some are very weak.


Daryl’s brother Merle becomes a zombie. Once the governor (one of the bad guys destroys the prison and kills almost everyone michonne stabs and kills him to death. When the group is split up Daryl is left with Beth  Rick is left with Carl and Lizzie believes that the zombies are people and they are different. Her sister Mica is trying to convince her that they are dead but she doesn’t succeed. Lizzie is outside playing with a walker and the zombie gets stabbed in the head. Lizzie goes a little cuckoo. Some zombies, I believe, have a little bit of memory left. During the show, there were zombies sitting in a pew at a church that they found and had bible’s near them.

Well, I suggest looking into the Walking Dead series it is AMAZING so If you like what you read then please watch the Walking Dead. WARNING WARNING NOT FOR VIEWERS under the age of 12!  If you enjoyed this article I suggest reading the comic book the series is based on. Thank you for reading.

by. Jake McKinney

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  1. jake the snake says:

    sorry i spoiled a little bit of it but if you don’t believe me see it at the walking dead DVD or on TV 🙂

  2. Graham G. says:

    The first thing about the article that’s good is the eye-catching title, although it’s also kind of strange. With the eye-catching title comes a hook, which is also good. What I dislike about it is the first paragraph feels like a list of facts after the first four sentences. Perhaps it’s just my desire to know about why I should like it more than what it is in a review, but the first paragraph just gets to be too full of information. Maybe a little more beginning of sentence variety and combined sentences would help. My only other complaint is the few noticeable grammatical errors.

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