Disney Chanel Brings Back Boy Meets World

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One of Disney Channel most high rating shows was Boy Meets World. It used to air on Disney Channel but the cast got older and more adult jokes and scenes aired , so they moved it to ABC. The show started in 1993 and ended in 2000. However  recently a sequel came out called Girl Meets World.

The plot for Girl Meets World is years have past, Corey (Ben Savage ) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel )  get married and have two kids, the oldest and the new Corey, Riley (Rowan Blachard) and the youngest  Auggie (August Maturo ). Topanga’s job is a lawyer and Corey is the new Mr. Feeny. Riley faces the real world with her troublemaker friend Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter)  which is the new Shawn Hunter. Riley meets a boy, Lucas (Peyton Meyer), and falls in love with him. There needs some humor in it so there’s Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis), the ladys’ man. He loves both Riley and Maya. Riley faces simpler problems as younger Corey  when they go to school,  and the lesson is the same as the problem the students face.

You can tell that they add Disney Channel comedy. Its nothing like the old show but they do add humor from the old show. Upcoming episodes like the Christmas special, Corey’s parents come and Shawn Hunter too. I love the idea of have a girl instead of a boy ; you see her point of view. I  would think that they would bring back more of the Boys Meets World cast then have them stay  for one episode. Riley is kind of like Corey only she is more confident. I would recommend watching Boy Meets World first then watch Girl Meets World.  I wonder what happened to Corey’s brother and sister. Fun fact; Both Riley and Maya are singers. Maya sings Cant Blame a Girl for Trying.

For once they bring back a old show instead of a new one. You can still  watch Boy Meets World on ABC in the mornings. I love the show and how witty it is.

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  1. Graham G. says:

    This has good content but it’s a little disconnected at the end. Each sentence should have some sort of connection to the previous sentence, unless you’re starting a new paragraph.

    You need to proofread your work, because it has a few errors that distract the reader. My suggestion to fix this is to read your sentences out loud and see if they sound correct.

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