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| October 16, 2014 | 1 Comment

This past week, one of my best friends, Soliel Guckian agreed to do an interview on the pageant she attended. On my first question, I asked her where the pageant took place, and she answered with all over the USA.  Her answer was so surprising, and I thought she was so lucky to be all over the USA.

For my next questions she answered clearly she answered with 70-100 and 200-300 girls. The outfits she wore were a lot of skirts and dresses, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t wear her usual crazy socks. She happily answered my fifth question which was how she reacted to her achievement and she said she reacted by being really excited because she was happy about winning, helping out the homeless, and collecting more canned food.  Her answer was so beautiful and touching, I almost cried just listening to  her words because they were so awesome and had a lot of meaning to them and I’m sure they would bring other people to tears.

For the last question, I asked how Soliel felt once she got back home. “When I got home I was happy to be home and I was really excited and proud of myself, but more than anything I came home ready to get to work and raise some more canned food, and do some more to help out the community and other people that need help.”  Her interview went great and she has been to many, many pageants, and has done a great job in all of them.  She told me that when she wins, she is very happy for her achievement, but she still congratulates the other girls for doing a good job, and when someone else wins, she it still grateful for being in the pageant and again congratulates the winner, and the other girls who attended. 

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  1. Graham G. says:

    You should not merely list every question and answer and how you felt about them. You should interweave all of the information and quotes into a real article that describes the person and what they do, not what you asked them.

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