The Amazing Eragon

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Christopher Paolini was only a teenager when he wrote a series called the Inheritance Cycle. The fact that a teenager wrote this novel is so fascinating and inspiring that it would surprise and encourage many children to start writing novels and books of their own. Carl Hiaasen is the person who found this amazing book and brought attention to a publisher by the name of Alfred A. Knopf. Alfred made an offer to publish Christopher Paolini’s first book, Eragon, along with the rest of the Inheritance Cycle. Christopher Paolini soon became New York’s bestselling author.

Eragon is a book about a little farm boy that finds a stone in the woods. His thoughts are to sell it so that he can make his uncle proud with enough money to put food on the table, but it turns out that the stone is a dragon egg. Eragon totally freaks out when he finds out that the beautiful stone is actually a dragon egg. Eragon soon bonds with his new dragon naming her Sapphira. Sapphira and Eragon later become the most famous and talked about in the empire.

This book is a beautiful fiction about friendship and ¬†victory. It’s almost as if you are being drawn into the story when you read it, making it even harder to pull away from the book. It makes you feel as if you are there in all the action battling along side with Eragon. When I read this book, I sometimes forget that i’m in my room. It’s THAT good. Although this book has a lot of violence and a large vocabulary, ¬†younger readers are still drawn to challenge themselves and read it. It was a bit of a challenge for me to read it as well, but I have to say that this was the best book i’ve






ever read.




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  1. Graham G. says:

    The review is well written and a little short, but it tells me what I would want to know if I wanted to read the book.

    There are a few problems that should be corrected though:

    1. “Eragon soon bonds with his new dragon naming her Sapphira.” – This sentence needs a comma so it’s not a run-on. Like this: “Eragon soon bonds with his new dragon, naming her Sapphira.”

    2. Capitalize all of your I’s, including the ones in contraction such as I’m and I’ve!

    3. Do not put 10 line spaces at the end of your article separating the last line. It does not look correct or necessary at all.

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