The Hunger Games, Catching Fire Movie Review

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I watched the movie ”The Hunger Games ,Catching Fire”, I actually really liked the movie. It told the story very well. I really enjoyed how well the characters were played. One of the things I wish they would have done differently was, they should have told more information about how Katniss was the Mockingjay symbol.

My favorite part was when Katniss was training for the Hunger Games Quarter-Quell and she was shooting her bow and arrow.The saddest part was when Katniss had to give a speech to all of the fallen tributes from the 74th Hunger Games.If I could compare The Hunger Games Catching Fire to the first movie, the first movie told a better background story of the tributes. I like how they made a HUGE cliffhanger at the end because it makes everyone want to watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay movie!

Another thing I’m kind of disappointed about was how they didn’t show what happened to Prim and Katniss’s mom when she got chosen to compete in The Hunger Games. One of my favorite lines from the movie is when Haymitch was telling Katniss ”In the games, there are survivors,but there’s no winners.” My least favorite part of the movie is when Katniss got elected for The Quarter-Quell Hunger Games because I felt so bad for Katniss. One of the best qualities of this movie is, how it makes you feel connected to the characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I really cant wait till The Hunger Games Mockingjay movie this fall! I hope the next Hunger Games Mockingjay will be as good as the last one. I’m for sure going the day The Hunger Games Mockingjay comes out! So I give The Hunger Games Catching Fire a 7 out of 10 on how good it was!

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  1. Graham G. says:

    I have to start by saying the formatting is really annoying. You must keep it consistent, or otherwise the article itself doesn’t look good and I have no desire to read a poorly formatted article.

    Here is an example of poor formatting:

    [I watched the movie ”The Hunger Games ,Catching Fire”, I actually really liked the movie.] -The first thing wrong with this is that it doesn’t even look correct when I glance at it. The comma does not have a space afterwards, the underline has a gap in it, and the underline and the quotation marks are redundant. In addition to these visual errors, the sentence is a run-on. The two separate thoughts can not be separated by a mere comma.

    • Graham G. says:

      I just had to mention this: you cannot misspell the title of your article! It just looks really unappealing.

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