Will You Stay

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If I Stay is a Drama ,chick-flick ,and tear jerker all in one. Mia Hall (Chloe   Grace Mortez) has a life changing decision on her hands. She can either go to Julliard and pursue her classical music dreams or go to another metal music collage with her boyfriend Adam Solomonian (Jamie Blackley). That decision changes after the tragic car accident that changed her life forever.

The love story in this is she wakes up but she is still in a coma. She has another decision to make, she has to wake up or die. She has all of these flashbacks and they are all with Adam. She remembers their first date together and the time they had their first kiss but that is all behind her. Teddy (Jakob Davies) is Mia’s little brother who is in the hospital the same as she is but tragedy strikes again.

Mia Is astonished as she realizes that her mom(Kat, Mireille Enos)  isn’t in the hospital. She has another flashback to the car accident, her mom is getting wrapped up in a body bag. She now realizes that she doesn’t have a mom anymore. She knows that her dad (Joshua Leonard) is in the Emergency Surgery but she doesn’t know if he is coming out. But where is Teddy? Teddy is conscious but he is about to be unconscious forever. She is walking toward her room and is hearing some doctors talking about her dad.He is gone. Mia is screaming NO NO!! But nobody can hear her. She starts running towards Teddy’s room. He is not in the bed. She has lost him too. She starts crying in the middle of the room. Her cries start to turn into screams. But Mia starts hearing this classical music from the hospital stereo. Mia is still unconscious but Adam has snuck into the hospital room with Mia and has earphones around her ears. Next, you have too find out yourself.

I really loved this movie. I didn’t read the book though. Even though I didn’t read the book of course I cried. I mean how could you not. This girl has been through everything. Anyway, I really loved this movie and I think you will to.

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