What’s Next Middle School Marriage !

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Everybody wants to be grown up when they’re  in middle school.Your right  in the middle of it all, your not a little kid or an adult.So they start to like boys or girls.You see people kissing ,hugging acting all lovey dovey.YUCK! I prefer a day without seeing couples holding hands and puking in my mouth please! Then they get their heart broken  and cry about how” he’s a jerk, and I’m never dating again!”Sure, you are the next week later she flirting with a boy. I mean come on! If you never wanted to have your heart broken, then you never should have dated in the first place.

They’re asking me  if I ever been in a relationship.  News flash, I haven’t. When your friend and boyfriend go on dates and you didn’t  know  then when  you go he’s there. Then there’s the back stabbers in dating,  they will go  and take your man. Next  the haters, they will  hate every thing about your dating or flirting . The lovey dovey ,this person  will only talk about there love life the only reason they talk to you  or invite  you over. Then there’s the goody goody ( that’s me just if you wanted to know) there the ones that  always  talk about how you should not date in the first ,there usually annoying than all the others.

There  always hope the boy they like talk and they will everything in there power to talk to them and drag  you along with them. But lets be real you have to  like or have a crush on someone, YOU HAVE TO!  at least I do but I am not going tell no way no how. When they get all boy crush about they only talk the boy  it’s all about  he’s so cute, and blah blah blah. The way they flirt blushing, twirling they hair , acting dumb and fluttering or bating there eyes.

Thank you for listen to me rant on about dating I’m not it’s dumb I am saying your too young and you need to be a kid next thing you  know you will  be in collage and wishing you never dated. Hope enjoyed my review leave a comment if you disagree.

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hey im Alex Rodriguez aka Alexis I love candy and friend, I'm in 7th grade and I have awsome friends :)

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