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If you like pop music then you will love Austin Mahone’s music. Mahone is an 18 year old singer from San Antonio ,TX.  I went to his concert on July 25, 2014, the concert was amazing. It was the best concert that I have been to.

Austin Mahone had many great opening acts like Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, and The Vamps. They each performed a few of their songs, while still leaving enough time in the show for Austin to finish his set on time. Shawn Mendes played 2 songs, including,”Life of the party.” Fifth Harmony played a few songs including “Boss.” The Vamps played  more songs than the other opening acts, including “Somebody to you.” I loved all the performances, but The Vamps were my favorite opening act. The stadium was full of people there were only a few empty seats. Most of the concert everyone was singing along through the opening acts and Austin Mahone which mad it even more fun and exiting. My friend and I went together  and sat next to each other, which made it even more fun and exiting for the both of us! Our dads sat together as well so me and my friend thought it was funny! We finally got to the point that Austin Mahone was performing, and he was amazing!

Considering it was the first night of his tour the concert was great they all danced as practice.  He sang all of his songs off the secret album as well as a few newer and older songs, including his first single “Say Something” “Banga Banga” “Say My Name” and “Say Your Just A Friend.” Another one of Austin’s older songs. He played 12 songs and they were all amazing not to mention his dance moves. Overall the concert was amazing, and I loved every part of it!

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  1. Graham G. says:

    I wish I could appreciate this article more, but my lack of familiarity with pop music prevents me from fully comprehending the meaning of the article. The intended audience for this is definitely someone who knows pop music!

    I think the article is probably good, but there are two noticeable errors for me. They are “mad”, which should be “made” and “Your”, which should be “You’re”.

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