Could Science GT be soon upon us?

| October 20, 2014 | 1 Comment

I have recently been wondering: if there is science Pre-AP available to 8th Graders, why shouldn’t Science GT be available, too? Algebra GT, Reading GT, and English GT are already options, so why not Science GT?

One of the many perks would be those who are serious about science could learn things ahead of their grade, like Pre-AP is intended for, but at a higher level. One day in science, we were talking about atoms and using a simulation to create them. We were making lithium, and added three protons. Suddenly, what popped up on the screen was “+Ion.” Everyone was confused, and Mr. Anderson asked if anyone knew what it meant, but wouldn’t worry if we didn’t, because it was 10th grade material. I raised my hand and told him it meant there were more protons, therefore the positive charge was greater, which made it a positive ion. He said I was spot on, but I don’t want this kind of thing to happen every once in a while in Pre-AP. I want a science class that can really show how some students are ahead of the game.

Another perk would be that the district would get a feel for what students can do, and may add the language arts class, rather than reading and English separately, as an option. Either way, Science GT would benefit many, not just in science, but by reflecting what the students can actually do.

Finally, it should also provide more than a Pre-AP high school credit. I want 8th grade to be more like high school than middle school. Just think of how it would benefit everyone.

I’ve seen  students in my Science Pre-AP class excel, so it’s not just for me, but also for them. I want everyone to be able to show their smarts, and express to the district what we are capable of.

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  1. Graham G. says:

    You’re a bit mistaken in your facts. You said: “Algebra GT, Reading GT, and English GT are already options”, when only Algebra I GT and English GT are available. Reading GT is not an option; however there is ACL.

    When you say that you want to be able to “show off your knowledge”, that really isn’t the point of GT classes, or any classes for that matter. A GT class would have an advanced course speed, it wouldn’t be about knowing everything already. The point of classes is to teach people more, not to see how much more people know than everyone else.

    I do not understand your third paragraph: you say that when the district sees what the students can do, they will add a combined language arts class? I am confused as to how excelling in one class is associated with the combination of two classes with separate materials. You provide no backing or explanation for this phenomenon, and the paragraph is short with very little detail.

    Overall, even though I do not like the structure and content of this article, the grammar is correct, which is far beyond what my expectations are when I read most articles here. The title should be correctly capitalized, like “Could Science GT Be Soon Upon Us?” instead of “Could Science GT be soon upon us?” though…

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