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Maleficent a magical,stunning movie. This movie is a must see if you’re a fan of Disney movies. This was a better story than “Sleeping Beauty”. It had more of a dramatic feeling to it. The emotion of happiness,sadness,betrayal,anger are flourished into a huge spiral.

Maleficent instead of being the evil witch she was in “Sleeping Beauty”. She ends up being this young, fairy who is very pretty and kind. She later meets a young,human boy ,Stefan. They start to slowly fall in love with each other ,but Stefan’s pride to become king made them both drift away. Maleficent was left feeling betrayed and no longer believed in true love.

Maleficent grew and became one of the strongest fairies in the Moor. She became the protector of all the Moor people. One day the King decided that he wanted to conquer or destroy the Moor. But, Maleficent and the Moor creatures were stronger. Later, the king is very ill and tells his noblemen that he wants Maleficent vanquished. Stefan overheard and knew that it was chance to finally be King.

Maleficent fell for Stefan’s tricks and woke up to find her wings torn off. She became dark and evil-like. She wanted revenged so she cursed his daughter, Princess Aurora. The curse was that she would go into a death like sleep and would only be awoken by true loves kiss.

¬†Aurora gets older and older and Maleficent and her grow a bigger and greater bond with one another. Maleficent finally finds out that she doesn’t want to Aurora to have the curse anymore.

I don’t want to completely ruin the movie for you. Over all the ¬†movie is very interesting and a better part of the story. I finally see a great movie with very amazing special effects. To see those effects I would love to be a special effects artist.

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