A Chest In The Attic

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One dark, gloomy night, Billy and his best friend, Sam were outside having fun, until they heard a little girl’s loud scream in Billy’s house. The two boys were terrified , so they went inside and asked Billy’s mom if she heard the same scream. Billy’s mom didn’t hear anything.  Twenty minutes later, they hear the same little girl scream in Billy’s house. They tried to follow the girl, but they couldn’t find anyone, until they heard 3 loud banging noises. The banging noises lead to the attic. The two boys went into the attic and didn’t see anyone, so they went to sleep later that night.

At 3:07 a.m ,Billy was woken up by something or someone , but he didn’t know what it was. Ten minutes later, he heard his best friends voice screaming “HELP! , PLEASE SOMEONE!” as if something horrific was occurring. Billy jumped out of bed and pulled down the ladder connecting to the attic, and saw Sam was sitting in the corner. As Billy ran to Sam, he was crying. Billy asked him ”Whats wrong? Why are you up here?” . Sam replied ” Andrea made me come up here and play hide and seek, but she hurt me.” Billy had the most bizarre look on his face and he said “Who’s Andrea? What was she doing in my house? Why didn’t you wake me up?”. Sam told Billy , Andrea was a  ghost and she died as a child, in their attic. Billy was so scared so he told his mom what happened.  Billy’s mom didn’t believe Billy or Sam but she told Sam to call his parents to go home.

A day later Sam went to Billy’s house to apologize for scaring him. Sam told Billy, ”There is a evil , dark , demonic spirit in your house.” Billy didn’t believe him and got upset. Billy asked Sam to leave his house , and so Sam left. Billy was curious, and he started to go into the attic. Billy feels like he is being watched, and he feels uncomfortable. He later finds this big chest in the corner of the attic. On the chest it stated, “Don’t Open” as if something was terrifying in there. Billy decided to open it anyways. He found jewels, locks and old coins in the chest.

As he was looking in the chest and finding things he heard scratching noises everywhere around the attic and he started to believe what Sam said. Five minutes later, this little girl appeared in the corner. Her name was Andrea and she said “Why are you in my room? Why are you looking in my chest?” Billy replied, “I didn’t know , I promise.” Andrea told Billy why she was in the attic. ”This was my house , the attic was my room, that chest was my most prized possession ,every year I come out and play in my room” said Andrea. Billy had mixed emotions , he didn’t know what to feel. Billy ran downstairs, but he didn’t tell anyone what happened because he thought no one would believe him.

Billy went back to the attic to talk to the horrifying ghost, Andrea. Billy told Andrea that he won’t tell anyone what happened, only if she won’t disturb him and his family.Andrea said she died 30 years ago and she died in the same attic.At this point, Billy was feeling more comfortable around the ghost. Later that day, Andrea gave Billy her chest with the many memories and prized possessions in it. Andrea made a promise to stay away and keep peace. Billy, later that day, went to Sam’s house and explained everything that happened. Sam was amazed and frightened at the same time. Now, Billy keeps Andrea’s chest on his dresser and looks at it everyday.


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