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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The name says it all! It’s warfare advanced! You get awesome equipment and gadgets. You get shotguns with awesome range, pistols with incredible accuracy, and assault rifles have great fire rate! Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is advanced generation gaming.

WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!! Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is awesome. You get cool exo suits and gadgets. They are 3 types of exo suits; light, heavy, and specialist. Light gives you lots of speed, but little strength. You get to run fast, hover, and even get an exo shield. Heavy is very strong, but very slow. Specialist are in between light and heavy exo suits. They have normal speed and strength, and also get normal weapons. They get turrets. They can also control it! The gadgets and weapons are cool. ¬†When you start, you get smart grenades, the smart grenade got it’s name for a reason, it’s smart! When you throw it, the grenade will hover in the air and fly after one of the enemies. You also get awesome guns. The guns have information about the gun like ammo left and capacity, the gun can also show you how much fuel you have for your ability to hover. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a game of awesomeness!

When I played Advanced Warfare, I played the campaign. So when I started playing on the mission, I was in a drop ship. Some soldiers and I were getting ready to land. When we started falling from our ship, we saw it blow up. Then we started seeing the city. Soon, we were hit by a missile. The drop ship’s door opened and a soldier was hanging out of it. The commander went to help him. Once the soldier was in, I closed the door. We were then able to see the city again. The problem was that we were about to crash into a building. “Really!?”I said. We crashed into the building and crashed into another. We got out and killed some of the enemies. I got an achievement for killing 4 enemies with 1 smart grenade. Then, I saw a machine controlled by the enemy. A squad was supposed to destroyed it, but was killed. So, our squad was then assigned the mission of destroying the machine. I got killed a couple of times, but soon my friend and I got to the machine. My friend was scared of it, so he hesitated when he threw the bomb in it. Then suddenly, The machine’s door shut on his arm he couldn’t get out. Then, the machine started flying. At 15 feet in the air, he told me to get off. My character kept refusing, so my friend kicked me off. Then, the machine exploded with my friend’s arm stuck in the door. Then, out of nowhere, a piece of the machine hit me. The commander then came and dragged me away. As I was being dragged away, I saw my arm clean off in a puddle of blood.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is awesome. You get cool gadgets and weapons, exo suits, and a cool campaign. I was able to get to the 2nd mission before I was forced to give the game up to my brother. The game has lots of things a regular game doesn’t. I bet nobody ever thought of improving guns by showing information about yourself. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a decade passed today gaming.

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