Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello Dating!

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On October 4, 2014 Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello confirmed that they were dating. This came as a shock to the social media world. Everyone was shocked even though we all saw this coming, Austin Mahone went on tour over the summer. Fifth harmony was one of the opening acts, so they both spent a lot of time together on the tour. We all knew something was bound to happen considering they were going to be spending almost 6 months together on a tour bus. There were also a lot of rumors and pictures that led us to believe that they were dating, but no one had officially confirmed it.

We found out they were dating when Fifth Harmony was on Bravos “Watch What Happens Live” Camila answered his question hesitantly.

“So who’s the Mahone girlfriend?” and Camila answered by saying “That would be me.”

Later that day Austin Mahone tweeted saying “Like you guys didn’t already know.”

Many of Mahones fans were upset, but many were happy as well. Sadly Austin lost 600,000 followers on social media sites due to dating Camila. We all knew that sparks would fly when they announced that they were going on tour together. There had already been rumors of them dating, but no one was absolutely sure. There had also been pictures of Mahone and Cabello hanging out together alone, and a few pictures of them supposedly holding hands and Austin kissing Camila on the cheek. It wasn’t until they official confirmed that they were really dating that the fans went insane.

Many people have been giving Austin and Camila a hard time because they think he should be with Becky G a female rapper. From my view point, I  do not care if he is dating Camila, of course I may not be the most enthusiastic person about it , but if Austins happy, I’m happy.


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