Bradley Orchestra Needs Funds

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During the school year, the Bradley Middle School Orchestra has held many fundraisers that help the orchestra afford more things like trips to different places like Six Flags, like they do with the sixth graders every year where they take then to the amusement park to have a day of fun, or when they take the seventh and eight graders to Houston.  Or because they have school instruments the kids can use some of those and the orchestra can afford more for those students that forget to bring their instruments or the people who have their instruments in the shop getting fixed because they are broken.

If the Bradley Orchestra receives more money then they also won’t have to hold as many fundraisers, and they wouldn’t have the parents pay for things such as regional auditions.  one other thing that they have parents pay for is transportation to the concerts and the places.  Many fundraisers are held for the orchestra to help the  students participate in events like regional orchestra and try their skills against other students from other schools.  Regional Orchestra is a big deal, and many students participate in, but parents have to pay a ten dollars entry fee for their kids to audition in front of the judges.  Very little people can make it into the orchestra and it shows that the student is really dedicated to their instrument and can play very well.

Another event that the students can participate in is a solo and ensemble contest where the students play in front of a judge and they are rated on a scale of one to three, one being the best, and three being the lowest score, and the judges critique them on how well they did and they also have a chance to be the recipient of the outstanding award which shows that they are better than most students and is only given to the most accomplished players in the contest.  This contest also has an entry fee that the parents have to pay in order for their child to compete in the contest.

The Bradley Orchestra will also hold a barbecue in order to make money. They will make $6.50 for every plate sold.  They have currently raised the price from last year, from $10 to $12, this way that they can earn more money so that they can pay off some of the fees that the parents have to pay in order to show off their child’s skill like Regional Orchestra or any  future contests that may come up within the school year.

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