Carving Our Halloween Pumpkins

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Natsu, Happy, and I were carving our Halloween pumpkins. It was the night before Halloween and we couldn’t wait! Looking over towards Happy a warm smile formed on my face, he was carving a very crooked fish on his mid sized pumpkin. “Are you carving a fish, Happy?” I said while smiling at him. “AYE SIR!” Happy blurted out in his high-pitched voice. As I looked back down at my pumpkin a small shaky voice spurted out “Plue Plue!”Quickly turning my head down towards my left side I saw Plue tugging on my sleeve, Plue was more of a friend than one of my celestial spirits. “Oh I’m sorry Plue, I kind of zoned out there for a second.. lets get back to work.” I smiled down at Plue, I was getting Plue to let me use him for my pumpkin carving. Grabbing the carving knife I began cutting again, catching all of Plue’s small curves.

While carving my pumpkin I started to wonder why Natsu wasn’t making any noise at all, it kind of worried me. I turned my head around to see Natsu hadn’t starting carving yet, he had just finished eating all of the pumpkin seeds and the slimy guts of the now empty pumpkin. With a completely bewildered look on my face I loudly exclaimed out “Do you realize what you are eating Natsu?!” Natsu shot his head around towards me with a large grin shining on his face “Of course I do Lucy!” Letting out a loud sigh a smile gathered up on my face thinking, of course he’s fine… He eats fire for heavens sake!

All of a sudden Happy cried out “YOW!” whipping out heads around where Happy was sitting to see Happy laying on the ground from falling off his chair. “What happened Happy?” Natsu questioned with a worried look on his face. Tears filling up in Happy’s eyes he stuttered out in a quivering voice “I-I cut my p-aw..!” he said then holding up his cut paw. “I’ll go get a band aid!” I shouted as I ran off to go and get the materials to clean his paw “Poor Happy…” I mumbled to myself. Darting up to the bathroom I quickly grabbed some neosporin, a few band aids, and darted down the stairs. Natsu shouted to me in a troubled voice “Come on Lucy… please hurry up!” As I slid outside I quickly sat down next to Happy pulling off the red napkins on his paw. “Are you ok happy..?” I say as I looked up a little to meet Happy’s teared up eyes, a silent nod came from Happy as he bit his lip. I wrapped the tan band aid around his paw and gave it a small kiss to make it better. “Looks like was should all go to bed for now, we wouldn’t want to have any more accidents now would we?” After slowly realizing that I shoulder like a young worried mother a slight blush covered my cheeks. “Plue Plue!” Plue nodded in agreement, “See you in the morning” A smile formed on my cheeks as I pulled out Plue’s silver key and told him to go home. 

As I turned around I noticed Happy and Natsu starting to lay down on the couch. Laughing slightly I gave them both a small goodnight hug, and pulled the sheets over them both. Since it had been such a long day I decided to let them both sleep here tonight, I figured it wouldn’t do much harm. As I started walking towards the stairs Natsu quietly whispered, “Sleep well Lucy.” Turning my head back towards those two I quietly whispered back “Sleep well my friends.”


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