Cellphones At School

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Cellphones are great, but wouldn’t it be even better if we could use our cell phones in school on our free time. Some schools don’t let their students use cellphones at all. We should consider ourselves lucky, but technology has so much to offer.

There are many advantages of using our cellphones during our free time. On most smartphones nowadays you can read books, so when your teacher says read a book when you are finished with your work, you can pull out your phone. Sometimes it can be more effective and efficient to do research on your phone for a project or extra help on a question. There are apps today that let you get connected with your teachers, so you can check if you have any assignments to do or sometimes those apps link to educational games. Maybe  teachers can consider letting students earn the privilege to text, play games, or go on social media.

There are also some disadvantages to using cellphones on our free time. Not everyone can be trusted to have their cellphone. People tend to send or search inappropriate things, it offends people and the person responsible for posting will get in huge trouble. Most cellphones have cameras, and students might take inappropriate pictures or capture something inappropriate and not realize it.

Cellphones are probably the best invention for teenagers. Lets be careful on what we do on our phones, so we can use them on our free time at school. Our cellphones can be taken away in a snap, so lets save our phones!

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