Cheerleaders Advantages To Succeed

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Cheerleading to me is a type of activity that is ever lasting. In many people’s opinions, they may say its not a sport. They should try to lift up a girl and have the guts to get in front of a crowd and perform. Cheerleading may not have all the sport’s advantages such as bouncing a ball, hitting something, or even kicking a soccer ball. The advantage that it does have, is getting to professionally cheer which you can get that in any other sport.

The success in cheer is a high percentage, but  they have to be able to have a plan in case they get injured or don’t make the team. Most of the cheerleaders you see are on the National Football League (NFL). These girls that you see on TV make everything seem so easy, it’s really not because it takes hard work and dedication. They work hard their whole life to became who they are now. About ninety- six percent have been cheerleaders since they were young.

The cheerleaders that are in middle and high school, have a most likely chance to be able to make it to professional tryouts. Most people are always asking this question. What if they make it to tryouts but doesn’t make professional cheerleading? Then they don’t make it but they can keep trying and not give up if they truly love it. Everyone just need’s to know that in high school there are cheer scouts that make the effort to go see you perform so you can do it in college.

Does cheer have good pay? Cheerleading is a sport,  do pay just like any other job just maybe a little more. What if they make it to tryouts but don’t make it to professionals? The girls you see may have only had one shot in making it. If people watch “The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” you see many girls get cut off the team all the time. If they get cut,  its not because there not good it was probably, just not a good fit for her. Any kind of person who gives up right then and there is a quieter. Just because one person told you that you wont fit in, doesn’t mean that your not cheerleader material. Then its more less there decision to give up or not.  In my opinion if I saw that someone truly loves cheer and just walk away from there problems, there not a true athlete what so ever.

Cheerleading won’t isn’t easy, of course you have to work hard for something that you want. Succeeding in cheer will be hard because you have to train your body. You have to practice everyday, stretch all the time and stay fit. Some of these teams you see have a weight limit. I bet you don’t want to be the one walking out that door. Put your mind to it and do it. Keep your heads high, your bows higher, but mainly your stunts the highest. Just hit the floor harder then you ever have before, show them what you got, and let them not regret having you on their team.


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