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If you like aliens, monsters and big metal robots that like to exterminate? Then turn on your TV’s and go to BBC one every Saturday evening. This wibully wobbly timey wimmy show, to watch this show has monster and dinosaur’s and you can even watch the world end! I know after what i just said you may be thinking is this an anime? well I would be proud to tell you its not! This show takes you back in time and through the future, fighting aliens and fighting crime for the world in London and anywhere you can thing of finding in the U.K.!

There are 12 regeneration’s that the Tardis is capable of giving the doctor every 2 to 3 seasons. Regeneration is a new body for 2 old hearts… the doctor has 2 beating hearts if one dies, the other heart keeps him standing but not as strong as he would normally be, the power of regeneration gives him the power of existing almost for eternity… at least for us, there normal life span is 12,000 to 15,000 years old. Anyway if you don’t exactly know what the Tardis is i would be happy to explain it, the Tardis is a time traveling box disguised as a police box butt its not any police box it is way bigger on the inside than on the outside also the Tardis has 21 rooms in counting!

So lets talk a little about the monsters and aliens that your going to be seeing in the show so there is the daleks ¬†they are high definition robots made by a man named Raymon cusick in the second session in the episode “The Dead Planet” the daleks where created for military use at least that is what it was programmed for the daleks ended up turning on the humans and trying to take over the world. Now stop letting me talk about it and actually go watch it!!!


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