Dream And It May Come True

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Imagine having a job where you can just be yourself and get paid for it. Seems unreal right? Well let me tell you something,this job can be all yours as long as you follow the guidelines of this certain job. You may be getting real impatient with me but hold on I’m almost ready to tell you this magnificent job.

You ready? Are you sure you’re ready? Okay. Drum roll please. Dreams all come true with this simple word, “YouTube”. I know some people say that YouTubers don’t get paid a lot of money. Well, you’re completely wrong the biggest and the richest YouTubers make about $1 million dollars a year in ad revenue. Also, Google has a cut of 45%. But still, they make a lot of money.

So far this job sounds pretty amazing. At least to me it does. Right when I hear about this job, i’ll ask someone right away where to sign up.Working for YouTube would be a dream come true. Can’t you imagine your fans seeing you and getting overly excited or having the right to be yourself and get paid. You can do any type of genre on YouTube.From gaming to entertainment. You can do anything you’d like to do. It’s your time to shine in the internet world.

But this job does come with a price. This job may take up all your time. You might not be in a relationship ,because you’re working for hours at a time. So you might not be able to keep good relationships with people ,because you’re working so much. Also, you will encounter haters but who doesn’t have them. You will also have to write back to most of your fans or all. But, its still a great job. With the power of the internet people like to cyber bully other people but when you have power to connect to people you can make them feel better. Instead, of making someone unhappy you can make them look forward to the next day. The life of YouTube is one to be involved with.

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