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Andrea and I were on our way to pick up our best friend Shawn. We were going to the pool the day before Halloween. We walked into the gates of the pool and there was no one there.

“Great pool to ourselves!” shouted Andrea.

“Keep your voice down! I still have neighbors you know.”

Shawn jumped in the pool splashing Andrea and I. We jumped in at the same time scaring him and he swam away from us. We all started laughing really hard. Someone came in through the gates and started yelling at us to get out. Startled we grabbed our stuff and ran.

“Who was that?” Shawn asked

“I have no clue.” I said.

We walked back to my house. When we got in we set our stuff down on the table and searched for snacks. After we grabbed them, we sat on the couch and started watching Halloweentown when my phone buzzed. They didn’t notice so I looked down and saw one new message that said, “STAY AWAY ON HALLOWEEN!”I gasped silently confused.

“Guys, come look at this text message.”

“Let me see it.” Andrea said grabbing my phone away from me. “Oh my gosh! This is a joke. You’re obviously being messed with.” She says laughing.

“I don’t know. I mean what about that lady at the pool. Maybe we’re being.. haunted” Shawn says dramatically mocking me.

“I guess, but if its real I’m telling them to get you first.” We all ended up laughing again.

The movie was over and they went home so I went to my room and started watching YouTube. The next day, I decided to get out of bed and take a walk. When I opened the door there was a note hanging from the chair outside. “TRUTH OR SCARE?” I looked around to see if anyone was there. I walked off the stairs and searched some more. No one, so I ran as fast as I could to Andrea’s house.

On my way to Andrea’s house I got another text. “STAY AWAY FROM ANDREA AND SHAWN OR ELSE!” It took me a few minuets to get there. I knocked on her door non-stop. “Andrea? Andrea!” Where was she?

Me: Hey why aren’t you home? Where are you?

I waited 10 minutes and there was no response, so I went to Shawn’s house. “Shawn? Shawn!” I said while knocking on the door. He answered and I hugged him tight. He hugged back confused.

“What’s going on?” He said while laughing.

“I really don’t know, but I keep getting strange texts from an unknown number and I don’t know where Andrea is and I was scared you weren’t going to be here.” I showed him the texts.

“This is probably just one of Andrea’s pranks.”

“I don’t know I guess.”

We walked into his house to see if we could track the number. He’s really good with computers.

“Got anything yet?” I asked impatiently for the seventh time.

“No not yet. Every time I get close to figuring it out, my computer shuts off. Just not worry about it. Halloween is tonight. Lets just go get ready. I’m sure Andrea will be back before.

“You’re right. Then I’m going to go home. I’ll see you at 8?” I questioned.

“Definitely.” He responded.

I walked home and felt a buzz. “I WARNED YOU TO STAY AWAY!” I giggled and blew it off.

It was finally eight o’clock, so I started walking to Shawn’s house. I walked in and yelled his name. “SHAWN!” When no one answered, I went to his room. “Where are you?” I walked out of his house and started walking to Andrea’s house hoping she would be there. I knocked on the door and again no answer. I pulled my phone out I had a message. “I WARNED YOU!” I looked around to find Andrea, and I saw a shadowy figure coming straight at me. I tried to scream but nothing came out. The figure jumped at me and.. I fell out of my bed. “What happened?” I said to myself. I looked around and saw my blue wall right in front of me. I realized all of it was just a dream.


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