Fall Out Boy’s New Album!

| December 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

As of last week it has been announced that Fall Out Boy will be releasing their sixth studio album, “American Beauty/American Psycho.” The news was released on Fall Out Boy’s Tumblr account instantly making people buzz with excitement. They announced that the song “American Beauty/American Psycho” would be released on December 8. They also stated that the album will be up for pre sale on December 15 and will be released on January 20th! This is also the band 2nd album form returning from their 3 year hiatus with the album Save Rock and Roll.

The band had also been dropping hints and even giving song lyrics. Just recently the lead singer of the band, Patrick Stump, chanted the lyrics, “She’s an American Beauty, I’m an American Psycho.” It seems like Fall Out Boy always finds a way to test our patience. Fans have been waiting for the news to be released after the band’s guitarist Pete Wentz, announced during a radio interview, that their would be a new album featuring the band’s single Centuries.

Fans are also curious about what the album is going to sound like, considering the band changes their sound every album! They’ve done Rock, soul, pop, and even a little techno. I don’t what else their could be! Then again this is Fall Out Boy were talking about, they always find a way to surprise us. The band has been having a special showings for fans to get a full experience of “American Beauty/American Psycho.” 

They recently had some in Texas and fans from the state are saying nothing but good things, looks like Fall Out Boy has amazed us again. The band is also expected to be having a tour for the album,which makes us wonder how the band is going to top the tour from last year. We honestly don’t know what to expect with this new album, but we can say one thing, Fall Out Boy never fails to amaze us.

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