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I think the school should start a bullying support group for people who are or were victims of bullying. A lot of the time kids who are being bullied or have been bullied feel like they have no one to talk to. Most of the time, they are even uncomfortable telling their parents how they feel or what is happening to them. This is why I feel like our school should have a support group, so kids can feel like they have someone there for them.  Did you know that it has been estimated that 44%  of middle school students have reported some form of bullying, and that 14%  of those students have had a negative reaction to it?

 I can’t even imagine how many kids at our school have been bullied inside or even outside of school. Bullying doesn’t even have to be physical, sometimes it’s verbal or even abuse over the internet. There could be kids at our school who get cyber bullied (abuse over the internet) that teachers or adults never see. The support group doesn’t just have to be about people who have been bullied, people can also come in to report bullying that is happening to them or maybe even a friend. Kids are so scared to report or even talk about bullying because they are afraid that they are making the situation worse and can have it fall back on them.

Did you know that that more than 160,000 miss school because they are afraid to get beaten verbally and physically? Did you also know that that more than 90% of kids from the grade level 4-8 have been have been bullied? Support groups shouldn’t just be for middle school or high school they should also be for kids in elementary school. Sure it may be innocent to some people because there in elementary school, but kids can be mean. When you look at the numbers it’s shocking and and terrible to think that this many kids in the United States get bullied. I can’t even imagine how many kids in the world get bullied, and to be honest I don’t think I even want to know.

Our school should not be the only school to star a support group, I think it should be required that all school should have a support group. Just imagine how many kids could get help and talk about there experiences and encourage other kids to open up. Kids need to know that they have a voice, they also need to know  that they have someone there for them.

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