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The movie Fury, was a movie that was based on world war two. A United States veteran was interviewed about the war that had happened in Germany, in the year of nineteen forty five. The movie showed us how they had to survive and fight to be able to win. These men that were in this war were limited to things especially when it came to there supplies. If they were low on fuel,trucks,materials, and men then that was on them. The men who were staring in this movie, had been to war together, already accomplished there missions, and were able to trust one another till one of there men was down and had to be replaced. These men, had no other choice to be able to welcome another man into there section and also be able to teach him the right way that the men will learn. He needs to be able to do everything that he is told so he is able to do it in action. Many would think that they would pick someone that is well qualified, but they don’t, they pick who ever is available,do to the fact that they don’t have very many men. The guy that was chosen was a journalist who reported everything that was going on in that country.

The one thing that really caught my attention and possibly others was when they had to take a long journey with new guy and had to be able to trust him to do his job. They didn’t have as much faith in him because he had never killed anyone before. If they had lost one truck and it was his job to keep a good look out then that was on him because, they don’t get another truck. They have to fight with how ever many they have left. The one guy that they had to open there bear arms to, it was hard on him but also the crew because, he was the one they had to count on to shoot someone. He was never planning to join the military what so ever. The man that had gave these directors his story was a gunny and sniper in the military, so everything that had happened in ┬áthis movie had really happened to him in real life. For this veteran it must have been really hard to be able to kill adults but, also kids. If they were German, they had to be murdered no matter what, because there mission was to kill anyone that was a trader or murderer. Not all Germans were bad some were good but they had to leave their home and old life behind if they wanted to live. Most Germans were beaten and murdered for the things that they have done in there past lives.

The men that they were fighting against were the ones who tried to ruin and take over the world. For those men to be able to do such a thing they had to murder anyone who would get in there way or the ones who were already in there way.

This movie is something that was well directed and teaches us that not everything was easy, if these people wanted to live a long life they had to work for it. The word “Fury” fits this movie very well, because they had pride, dignity, and faith in one another. These men were not just workers they were brothers, they work together to keep everyone standing in their crew. They gave it there all at the end, till the last man standing.


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