Girl’s Freedom in Sports

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Girls and sports are a amazing combination with more girl teams  the more our school is recognized! Not only this but us girls have felling’s to some are brave some are fashionable some are tall and some are small but we need to have our right’s of doing what we love. Many girls like football, baseball & basketball but when we ask for these things we always get turned down.

Times  long ago we where bossed around by men until we got more sophisticated and we have gotten our freedom and our power’s and yet these men who think they are stronger than us are not. Us girls are amazing, powerful, beautiful.We are more than just what men think we are. We where put on this earth for a reason maybe for or not for sports but we shine brighter than the sun, we are a god, we have power! And yet men stand around disapproving us.

Sports can mean a life for some people. many girls at our school would love to be on the football team or maybe the basketball team we are not meant for one thing we are meant for thousands. Like math there is a million numbers between 1 and 2 and a trillion between 1 and 4 you see there is not just one galaxy there are trillions beyond our imagination. not just one person is saying no to girls not only here but in most all of the galaxy’s. When people say no they might as well re-live there life and learn that girls have dreams to. We want to be out on a field in a pool in the spotlight!  We deserve more than what life gives us we deserve trust and freedom and options not answers. Maybe instead of giving the answers we should ask them. We all deserve choices, it may be sports & may be life we all have feelings we just need to open our eyes and look at the world none of us rule the world and none of us ever will.

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I was born on July 25,2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am twelve years old and live in a house of 6. and it is sure crazy up in these hood's.

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