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Google Glass has been a major breakthrough in technology, but recently, there’s been an announcement for a second launch for the product. The second version is going to be focused on technological capabilities, storage space, and general features on Glass.

Glass has shown signs of becoming a workplace technology, the developers have created a program called “Glass at Work.” The program was made for encouraged use of health care, construction, and manufacturing where employees do manual tasks, but still need information.

However, Google is promoting the use of glass in work, while the Internet still views it as a consumer product. Only 5% of Google employees work on Glass at Work, but Intel’s involvement won’t change, apparently. “We expect Glass to evolve and be more useful for companies, but it will still be a crossover device for consumers,” said Eric Johnsen, vice president of development at APX Labs. APX Labs makes Glass software used by manufacturing and logistics companies.

One thing that many still feel that Glass falls short on is battery life, though  a new add-on is available for Glass. Tactical Cell, from Voidstar Lab is a battery pack with 2600 mAh battery that can charge Google Glass up to four times to full capacity. It’s USP (unique selling point) is the 3D printed battery pack holder that you can simply clip onto your jeans. It also has a three foot retractable USB cable, which will get out of the way when not being used.

Currently, Glass has many features such as turn by turn navigation, calculations of how long you’ve ran/walked or biked and how large a distance you have gone; as well as play music, show current golf statistics on your golf course, and send messages. Engineers and programmers say in the future, it’ll be able to do much more.

The new Glass has recently been blueprinted and the design has been released. It isn’t confirmed what the final product will look like, nor will be named, but it’s a possibility. The frame is still there, however, it has two curved arms to hold it behind the wearer’s ears. The Glass prism is mounted above the left eye and also attached to a more compact side unit than before.

Will all of these changes make Glass different, and if so, in what ways? How many people will be using the new Glass? We won’t know until June of 2015, when the product is officially released.

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