Horses are Nothing, Yeah RIGHT!

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We need another televison channel for people to watch. How about horses? No nobody would watch. What about reining or barrel racing?! You don’t even know what I am saying ,do you? Of course you don’t! No, I am not saying you are stupid, you are stupid in the horse world! I am just horsing¬†around… Okay done with the puns but weren’t they PUNNY! Whoah I am on FIRE! Okay now back to talking about horses.

Okay, horses are animals too aren’t they? Nobody likes them! Well maybe a few of you. You get the point right? Nobody appreciates these beautiful animals! You can even ride them! Who needs buses or cars when We have horses right! we can ride them to school or work or anywhere! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for horses! Girls want a pony for there birthday or Christmas but, they never get what they want. Its because no one likes HORSES or knows a person who is selling one. It is so frustrating.

I am so sorry about this yelling and ranting on about this horsey¬†business. Sorry, but can you imagine what it would be like without horses. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this Editorial on horses if horses did not exist, you wouldn’t be sitting there reading this editorial on horses. Actually nobody is sitting behind this your screen reading this because nobody LIKES HORSES! Take a breath. So what about the types of horses? Of course I will only name all of them. Just Kidding, if there is no education about horses then… then… There’s no point to tell you because you don’t KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING! Whew I am glad that’s over with are you to? No more ranting on and on about horses or about how NOBODY CARES ABOUT THEM!

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