How Our Parents Became Who Thet Are Today

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How Our Parents Became Who They Are Today: My Moms Career

” Hi i’m Camille Opland, I work as a Corporate Chef at a Distribution company. I cook for Executive’s at an office setting. I was inspired by my grandmother, my talent, and my passion for cooking  inspired me t be a chef.  I went to culinary  school  at the Art Institute of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I started  Culinary school in 1999 and finished in 2001. I didn’t know what the future would hold so I decided to stay with my one passion, i  didn’t know if all if this would pay off or not… but i knew i was good at it, so i decided to proceed with being a chef. Because i gave it my 150 percent.”you get out out something from what you put in to it, if you put a-lot of time, effort, and passion into things you will get a lot of pay-back [being reworded], now if you don’t put to much into it and you don’t give it 150 percent…then your not gonna get much out of it”. starting out when i got out of Culinary school it was tough, and terrible. hours where long the pay was horrifying and i really had to pay my dues. Then i moved up the ladder from a cook, to a super visor, to running a restaurant as a chef , and it was hard very hard and i worked very long hours that where filled with dedication and passion. where i am at now compared to 15 years ago…  i’m at a great place!!

the end

written by… Simone Meyer

i interviewed my mom!! this is her words in  a paragraph. i just didn’t  know how i was supposed to type it out so i did it  from her point of view.

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I was born on July 25,2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am twelve years old and live in a house of 6. and it is sure crazy up in these hood's.

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