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I strongly feel that we should have a hunting/animal management club here at Bradley. Animal management is extremely important to our society.

Animal management is keeping the animal populations at a healthy level. If there are too many animals, they won’t have enough food to eat and they will remain small. Without animal management we would be running over animals every time we got in the car, kinda like a poacher. These days every time I get in a car and drive or go anywhere I see road kill. It is disturbing to see a dead animal on the side of the road or on the road,with its guts hanging out. If I  wanted to see guts I would go to the butcher. Every time you see road kill it is most likely due to overpopulation.

Hunting controls the overpopulation of deer.  Another way of managing the deer population is to catch the deer in a cage and transport them to less populated environments.  They do this in neighborhoods, like Hollywood Park where it is illegal to hunt the deer.  The deer tend to eat people’s flowers when they are overpopulated.

If there was a hunting/animal management club then the members of the club would learn all about gun safety. They would be taught to be careful, courteous, capable, and considerate. The members of the club will learn how to prevent poachers and report them. They would be taught why poaching is illegal and why it shouldn’t be done.  One of the highlights of being in this club would be that you would learn how to program and control a robotic deer used for catching poachers on the spot. For example, students would be able to set up and monitor this deer while attempting to catch and punish poachers for illegally hunting out of season. It would make people more aware of the nature around them. In the hunting club, they would take a hunters safety course and learn why it’s important to control the animal populations.  Bradley is the perfect campus to have this club, because the surrounding neighborhoods are overpopulated with deer, birds, and squirrels.  So Bradley students could help the community out by managing the animal populations. 

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