Incredible Snow Designs!

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Many people all across the world love snow. Snow angels, snowmen, or even the simple snowballs are often made. But one British artist named Simon Beck, took the art of snow designs to another level. Beck has been turning snow into amazing geometric shapes for the past 10 years and he only uses his feet!

Before Simon Beck began making snow designs he was an Oxford graduate who was working as an engineer, then moved on to become an orienteering cartographer. That’s when he created his first snow drawing, which was a drawing of a star on a lake by his apartment.

When he would work in orienteering, it was a painful and hard job, so that’s when he started focusing on his drawing more. Which led to him drawing 150 snow designs so far, in many places such as the French Alps.

Over time Beck’s designs became even more popular and the equipment used to make the snow designs upgraded. Meaning instead of wearing winter boots he could now wear snow boots and work out of an aircraft. Which is good, because the process to making the drawings is very tiring due to a walk as long as 30 km and sometimes long distances such as 6 soccer fields, with only a map and a compass. After finding the location of where he decides to create his snow drawing, it sometimes takes as long as 12 hours to complete. Beck has even expanded his talent to making sand drawings in places like New Zealand and Somerset Beach in the UK.

Simon Beck’s drawings are enjoyed by many people and he even has a book called Snow Art which has over 200 pictures of his drawings. He even says he would like to have his creations at places like New York, Buckingham Palace, London and the area by the White House. I think his drawings are really cool and should hopefully catch the attention of even more people then before and continue to get popular, because they are amazing.







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