It Doesn’t Seem Like A Normal Place

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sing me to sleep

tell me i’ll be alright

if you comeback

and tell me goodbye

make sure you’re telling the


because i can’t take anymore


please don’t look at me

I feel so ugly

all my hair is thinning

and I don’t feel like


i feel like crying

because I know the hardest

part of this is

leaving you

Hear Me! Please!


that’s all i’m hearing

yelling and screaming

sometimes crying

i always wondered

if i was the reason

for all of this

i look at them

seeing my parents


i hear them saying

my name

i wish they’d just listen

so i could just tell them

that i will miss them

because i can’t take this anymore

i’m leaving this place


never coming back


my vision goes blurry and my mind starts fuzzing

i start to hear static

everything around me starts to feel so dramatic

i try so hard to open my eyes

but as usual i fail

it seems like its been months

and i can’t feel a thing

then it feels like i’m soaring through the air

but people are touching me

at first i start to freak out

and scream because it feels like i’m drowning in fire

my eyes slowly but painfully open

I look around seeing people with relieved faces

and happily crying

i start to feel nervous and confused

i don’t even know any of these people

 Alive or Dead?

i walk on this place called earth

where mostly every living thing lives

then you look around seeing how they all live

you can say it’s beautiful

how everyone around you is either enjoying life or having a bad day

it’s quite odd how they deal with things sometimes

how some people just yearn for love

or say

they don’t believe in the word ‘love’

i continue to walk around this place

exploring all the unknown places and seeing the ones that have

been found

it’s quite peaceful here

i mean the place i’m on in this earth

i’m not part of the living

oh darling 

i wouldn’t want to be apart of the living

cause you see i’m already


and if i had the chance to be one of the


i’d shake my head no

why stay alive


i’m already dead









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