It was Just a Dream!

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It was Just a Dream!

By: Sweet Tea

It was a beautiful summer day. Ginny, a ten-year-old girl, went out for a walk in the huge garden of her house. when she was walking she found Harry, son of one of the servants of the house. They decide to go out together to play with the butterflies. “Look at that butterfly, it’s huge and beautiful.” Harry said, pointing to a huge butterfly with yellow and black wings. Both kids go running after the butterfly but it flies high and fast, and it is difficult, but funny to try to get it. They run until the butterfly places on a bush close to the fence that marks the limits of the garden.Ginny excited climbs the small tree as Harry yells: “No Ginny you could fell across the fence and we don’t know what’s in the other side, it is a very mysterious place, we don’t know what is there, it seems like a forest and we don’t know what creatures may be there. ” But Ginny continued climbing like she wasn’t listening to Harry.

           When she was very close to the butterfly she tried to get it but then when she catches the butterfly she fall to the other side of the fence. Harry screams with visual horror in his face: “Ginny! Are you okay?” Ginny remained in silent. After a few seconds, Harry decides to climb the tree and look to see if he could see Ginny. When he climbs the tree and try to look to the other side he sees Ginny lying on the floor and fainted. He gets very nervous and does not know what to do. “I should go for help. I can’t do that, my father will kill me for playing with the boss’s daughter and blame on me for what happened”.Then he decide to jump the fence, he did it without problems, then he falls to the ground and tries to wake Ginny up.”Wake up Ginny, wake up”says again and again while wagging hard to wake her up. She finally reacts (seems dizzy) and says.” What happened?” Harry replied:”You tried to get the butterfly, and you did it, but not for long time because then you  fell” Ginny asked looking worried “Across the fence?” “Yes” said Harry very scared, then added “we should return” Ginny says “Yes, but how?” Harry replies, “I don’t know. On this side of the fence are no trees close enough to jump and fall across” The kid were on silent thinking about what they should do  as they watched around suddenly a strangely high-pitched voice said “Noooooooo”Both kids were really scared becuse they did not knew what that voice was. Harry with nervous and scared voice asks. “Who said that?” Suddenly from the trees an elf says “I did and who are you all” Ginny watched impressed the strange creature and says “We fell on the other side of the fence, my name is Ginny, pointing out to his companion and concluded is Harry” Then the elf says: “Yes I have  seen you all playing and walking in the garden” Harry surprised asks: “Have you gone to the garden?” The elf responds, “Sure” Suddenly a noise in the distance makes them jump, the frightened elf says “You all should run, is Kendra, run run” said runing as fastest he could. Suddenly appears through the trees a huge, terrifying figure. It looked like a snake of 5 heads. The kids started to run as fast as they could following the elf; then the elf got into a small cave, Harry following him, went in after him. Ginny was runing behind Harry, until suddenly, Kendra caught hes by the foot, then Ginny screas loudly: “Ahhhh!” her scream had waked her up. Happy to see that everything was a dream, looks out the window of his room and saw that it was a beautiful summer morning with brilliant sunshine and very beautiful and vivid flowers. She was happy to be at home. After spending a few minutes watching this beautiful landscape, looks down and sees Harry, she ask him to wait there for her, she takes off the pajama the fast as she could and weared a beautiful blue dress, her black shoes, and a beautiful big, blue bow. She wants to tell her dream to Harry. When she was teling him her story she sees the same butterfly as in her dream Harry saw it. As he sees the huge butterfly goes running to get it. Harry did not let Ginny finish her   story runs after the black and yellow butterfly, amazed tries to get it. The butterfly lands on the same tree Ginny saw on her dream and it was also the closest, Harry decides to climb really high as Ginny screams “Nooooo!” very scared because she knew exactly what would happen next. Harry turns his head towards Ginny and says “What’s wrong?” Ginny a little relieved, but still a little nervous says “Please come down and listen to the end of my story”

Harry climbs down the tree and sit on a nearby log, after hearing Ginny tells very surprised “I’m glad you stopped me or this time I will not be here”

“Do not worry Harry, I’ll always be around to protect you from those who want to hurt you”

Over the years the friendship of Harry and Ginny became more serious, regardless of the risks lived their love to the fullest, enjoying every moment as if this were your last.

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