Language and Tips on How to Survive The World of The Internet and Its People

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The internet is a HUGE thing. On multiple social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Quotev, Facebook, Tumblr, Wattpad, etc; you can find slang such as shipping, OTP, YOLO, smh, feels, I can’t (that’s actually one) asdfghjkl (a literal thing. I don’t get it either.), fangirling (associated with fanboys and fangirls), fandoms,trolls, and last but not least, lol. Let’s go on the adventure of weirdness and into the deep minds of internet users…. Good luck.
Shipping is where you like the idea of two people being in a relationship. You think they’d make a good couple and would look good together/ treat the other well. Ships could be about just about anyone really. It doesn’t matter if they’re real people or not, or even worlds crossed, they can be a ship. All you need is a ship name and there you go, you have a ship. I beg of you, please don’t use it for other forms of relationships then together like kissing, it’s slightly weird to constant internet users. For example: “Like omg Jack and Finn is one of my favorite ships!” ”What the heck they’re twin brothers!” A good example of how shipping should properly be said is, “OMG I ship Destiel so hard!”
“Oh my gosh really? Me too!” Yeah internet people are weird. Shipping however, is the main part of a fandom except what the fandom is about itself.
Next up is OTP! This stands for One True Pairing. It’s another layer of shipping, it’s one ship that you ship the most… Let me explain. It’s like your favorite relationship above every other one you support. Get it now? Okay good, that’s the best I can do.
Most likely you know what YOLO means,but if you don’t here you go. YOLO means You Only Live Once, it basically means you act stupid on or off of the internet for stupid reasons in the name that you only have one life.
This one is a bit tougher. Smh means Shaking My Head, get it? It also doubles as text language. It’s for a action to show what you’re doing. It’s for when someone says something ridiculous, another one connected to this is facepalm, it’s also an action.
Now here comes the fun part. Feels! Feels is shortened from feelings. It’s when you’re looking at your ship and get deep emotions, whether happy, sad, excited, ect. Asdfghjkl is like the sound you make while you have feels.
Now the really important one, Fangirls. Fangirling is what people would say while you’re having a feels attack or while you’re asdfghjkl-ing. It’s very confusing don’t try to figure it out. Okay, fangirls/fanboys are the people of the internet with ships, and feels, and asdfghjkl-ing on a daily basis. They express their love for these various ships and fandoms ( next paragraph) by drawing fanart, writing fanfiction all dedicated to the source of their fandoms.
Fandoms are these fangirls/fanboys kingdoms. They are a group (sometimes an army) of internet people who all really like the same thing. All fandoms are broken down into different branches, all still revolving around the same topic, but different parts of the topics. The different topic are almost always the different ships, but it’s also band members/book/movie characters, and people associated with the bands/books/movies.
Now, who everyone hates but themselves… Trolls. Trolls are people on the internet who intentionally are looking for a fight. They will say stuff to get everyone in that fandom or branch of fandom wanting to say how much they don’t like them. For example: “Omg Danisnotonfire sucks, no one likes him! Phil sucks too!” That’s a troll. Understand? Good.
Well you most likely should know what LOL means but if not, it means laughing out loud. It’s also an action. It’s pretty self explanatory, but please don’t use it as lots of love, most people won’t read it that way and you can end up with something like this: “ Sorry hun, your dog ran away LOL”
“Mom why would you say that?!”
So yes now you know the language of the internet. Some helpful tips for the internet are:
1. “Don’t insult someone’s OTP, if they kill you it’s your fault.” – Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire)
2. Be friendly to someone’s fandoms, they could potentially be an army
3. Likes = good, hate = bad
4. No one likes haters
and most importantly
NEVER reply to trolls

Well now you have everything you need to survive the internet. Proper tools, words, and rules to follow. Hope this helped the people who don’t know how to internet!

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