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For every single one of you Transformers fans, I’m sure you have seen the newest, and sadly last movie of the series, Transformers  Age of Extinction.  The movie is action filled and some parts of the movie could make you sad, or mad, but over all this movie is awesome. In my personal opinion, and hopefully others have the same opinion, I was mad about them taking out Sam, who was the main character in every single movie but this one, and I am not too much of a fan of the new transformers, with their more human-like qualities, it would have been a lot better with normal transformers. If you disagree with me, that’s alright, but just know, Transformers Age of Extinction would be way better with Sam and one out of his like five different girlfriends.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

    The movies of Transformers have some of the best action scenes in history. There are some very interesting scenes where Mark Wahlberg (or in the movie Cade Yeager), is on the ship controlled by the evil transformers; he finds cool space gun, and I thought it was pretty funny how he figured out what they did. Another pretty cool scene is where Tessa, Cade, and some others were climbing the wire trying to get away from the killer robot canines.

It’s Okay, Not Very Many Spoilers Anymore

You may know the characters in the movie, but do you really know who they actually are? Tessa and Cade Yeager are the family who are the main people in the movie, but their actual names are Nicola Peltz and Mark Wahlberg. Jack Reynor plays Shane, Tessa’s boyfriend, Stanley Tucci plays Joshua, but you might already know who he is from the movie Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher. Harold Attinger was played by Kelsey Grammer, Li Bingbing played Su Yueming, there was Sophia Myles as Darcy, T. J. Miller as Lucas, Titus Welliver as Savory, Melanie Specht as Joshua’s senior executive assistant, Abigail Klein as Joshua’s Jr. assistant, Victoria Nalder as Joshua’s executive assistant, Cleo King as the Realtor, King as the rural guy, and last but not least, Peter Cullen, as the one and only, Optimus Prime.

A little bit about the three main people in the movie starting off with Nicola Peltz, or in the movie Tessa Yeager. Nicola Peltz was born on January 9th, 1995. Her first career as an actress was in 2010, when she played Katara in the movie The Last Airbender. Next we’ll Talk about Mark Wahlberg/Cade Yeager. Mark Wahlberg was born on June 5th, 1971. His career started off as an American actor, producer, model, and a former rapper. Finally we get to the person we’ve all been waiting for… Peter Cullen! Peter Cullen was born on July 28th, 1941. He has played Optimus Prime for every single Transformers movie and has done a fantastic job.

Transformers Age of Extinction was an amazing movie, my favorite movie, and yet people still seem to hate transformers. Anyway, if you loved the movie, and your friends loved the movie, and your family loved the movie, then good for you because it was amazing!

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