Littering: The World Is Not Your Trash Can!

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Earth. This is a beautiful place, but sadly it is filled with pollution and waste.The cause of this is littering. All around the world people continue to throw away their trash anywhere they want to. This is a big problem and I think that people should try harder to keep this wonderful place trash free.

Littering is illegal in some places, but that still doesn’t stop people from thinking the world is a trash can. For example, in the Pacific Ocean there is a huge trash raft known as the, ” Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. The raft is full of debris, chemical sludge, and plastics that were pulled in by the currents in the ocean. This makes a lot of sense to me, ┬ábecause over 1.9 billion tons of litter end up in the ocean every year. Another example is that 11.5 billion dollars is spent every year to clean up litter! Can you believe that? Everyday so many people toss their trash anywhere they please without knowing that it’s costing so much to clean it up and in the end, it affects everyone, including animals.

Even though this is a big problem, and many people are deciding to ignore it, others are rising to the occasion and taking advantage of this problem. For instance, organizations like, “Keep America Beautiful”, and “People Against Litter”, both make it a goal to help stop littering. There is also small ways you could help make a difference too, like helping raise awareness about this problem or just simply picking up any trash you see in the wrong place.

Littering is not appropriate and it ruins the world. I think that people should stop and think before they throw their trash anywhere they want. The world is a wonderful place and people should try to keep our planet green and clean! To find out some more information about this problem, please check out these links.

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