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I believe that we need The ARTS ,because people need to express themselves to let out bad feelings or even good feelings. Music is one I really connect to because it really helped me during the time I felt like I couldn’t make it through the day. Music is a big thing that I think everyone needs because you can feel your own soul shake in a way that feels great. It can also get you out of a negative feeling and make you go into a whole bunch of more ways to feel about something.

Dancing and singing is another way that people need or at least want to express themselves. With dancing you can release a certain feeling that is  bothering you or release a super positive feeling.  It can make people feel like nothing can stop them and  feel like no one can judge them in anyway. Singing can be used to express events in life and you can release your inner feeling inside.

Then we have writing. Writing can release your thoughts in your head that you want to show the world or that you just want to get it out of your head for the time being. Writing is a good way to get rid of bad thoughts that won’t get out of your head or that you just can’t tell anyone face to face. Which is fine because you will be releasing it.

I believe everyone has a right to express themselves in their ARTS. I think people who think the ARTS are a bad way to express or let out  feelings, are completely wrong,because you can ask many people ,”Does music help you?” and I guarantee that most will say “Yes ,or, Yes, actually music saved my life.’ If you ask them about dancing,writing or singing I guarantee that they’d agree with how the ARTS can help you express your feelings. We  need the ARTS.

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