Military Fundraising

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There is an organization that helps wounded warriors who have served our country to make it a better place to live in. This organization has began to raise money to help them and somehow try to provide for the things they need. They started a fundraiser were most people attended to go as well as another one coming up in December which will be held downtown on the river walk. The organization has helped my family, as well as other families with husbands or wives that have been injured, and that have overcame their obstacles but yet help them with other things that might happen over their lifetime. The way to apply to the fundraiser is by giving money and give back to our military troops. This event has brought back many memories for them and also to realize how far they have came in their lives.

These people have changed many lives for the soldiers and have made others feel better about themselves. These men have made this world better than it has before and they have also risked their lives to be here with us and protect us. These people to do something so special for our troops is very remarkable and for them to be able to open their hands and take the responsibility for things they have done. I believe, if we had never met this people and allow them to come into our lives we wouldn’t be now. The freedom that we have now is because of the heroes we have here in our country. The money that is going to be raised this month goes to all of the wounded warriors. For these men even five dollars is a lot for them, because they had nothing when they were overseas. We complain about little things like getting sick, our body hurting, and feeling sad. While these men are the ones who are truly hurting, whether its body wise or even mind wise, these men have flashback about things that have had happened in their past lives.

We see men all the time who have no legs, hands, arms, and we also see men who have burns all over their bodies. To be able to look at these men and to give something back into return is one of the most nicest and sweetest thing a person can do. People have to think this is going to the guys who fought for us not because they had to but because they wanted to. These men have showed and proved to everyone that they are capable to do anything and everything that they can. In my heart I see these men and think to myself and everyone that thinks they have it bad but they don’t these men really do because they have to live with it everyday while are sickness only last a week or so. This fundraiser ┬áhas showed allot of people these challenges these men go through and why they did what they did. These men might not be the brightest but they are the strongest. They are the true heroes of the united states.


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