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Bullying is addressed in almost every school across the nation, but it still occurs. When most people hear the word “bullying,” they think of punching, kicking, or hitting. This is the most obvious type of bullying, but there are several more. The kinds of bullying are physical bullying, verbal bullying, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and prejudicial bullying.

A good example of the most common type of bullying, verbal bullying, is at school. Two girls are walking in the hallway. They tease and gossip with each other about the new student who just transferred from another school. They don’t realize that the new student is right behind them, listening to their every word. When the two girls turn around, they see the new student. They apologize, but it was too late. The damage they made can’t be mended.

Verbal bullying usually occurs on “accident.” People do it all the time, but don’t realize it. The person being bullied may laugh and go along with it, but inside, they are hurting. I believe people should think more carefully about what they are about to say before they say it. The bully will probably forget their words, but the person being bullied remembers them, and this causes them to think negatively about themselves.

Even though teachers and school police officers remind students to always report if bullying occurs, some students don’t. There is a reason for that. Students are scared that if they report a bully, they will be the next victim. I think there should be more activities and meetings to help prevent bullying and build up peoples’ self-esteem. With a higher self-esteem, it’s easier to stand up for people instead of being a bystander.

Some ways to prevent bullying at school is to walk with friends, not alone. Bullies often pick on kids who seem lonely and singled out. Making new friends, and finding ways to be around others can be helpful to prevent bullying. If someone looks like they are being bullied or just looks like they are alone, be kind to them. Sit with them at lunch or on the bus, and invite them to do something that makes them feel included. So next time you see someone who is or was bullied, help them to feel involved.



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