New iPad Details Accidentally Leaked!

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It’s no surprise that such a gigantic and successful company like Apple would be so secretive about new, upcoming products. But it is a surprise that the company would make such a horrible mistake.

The day before a media event in California, Apple accidentally leaked out key information about the newest iPads to be released on iTunes. Screenshots and details about Apple’s newer iPads, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 where shown. These screenshots appeared on iTunes and in iBooks, but were immediately removed. These images revealed new features that would be put into the new iPads, such as TouchID. The new features were minimal, and the iPads kept the similar sizes to the older ones, but Apple is definitely making sure to keep this situation from happening again.

Apple has made sure people know that these photos where actually for the iPad User’s Guide, however somehow they were leaked. These photos may have been for the iPad Users to understand how to use their iPads, but they showed distinctive details of the new, upcoming details of the devices. For the latest press conference, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and crew will have a lot to discuss.

This situation was originally discovered by “9to5Mac”, an unknown Apple customer who was on his iPad when this situation occurred, and the details of the iPads were very descriptive. It was shocking for them, and was almost immediately put in as a news report. As most people know, Apple hardly ever gives out information about new, upcoming products, and the only one to blame is Apple themselves. Apple doesn’t know who at Apple leaked these photos and details, and if it was just one person. For all they know, it could have been an accident the whole team is responsible for.

Whoever is responsible will definitely pay the price, because this is a situation that Apple will, without a doubt, make sure never happens again.

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