Officer Choke Holds a Man to Death!

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An officer had stopped by a 43 year old man named Eric Garner. The officer soon heard that Eric Garner was rumored to be selling loose cigarettes. Eric Garner clearly stated that he was not selling anything illegal. Eric soon said  “Do not touch me!” after the cops said put your hands behind your back . Eric refused the command and the officers started to surround Eric when Eric said that he was minding his own business. The officers did not listen and attempted to arrest Eric. Eric threw his hands in the air and said im minding my own business don’t touch me! A NYPD officer rushes behind Eric to choke hold him. Eric was brought to the ground in a choke hold. He continuously said with his last breaths “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!”. With a arm around his neck and his chest heavily against the pavement, Eric Garner died of a banned choke hold by a cop.

When the family, and friends of Eric found out about Eric’s death. Protests soon broke out. Protests turned into fights. Fights turned into riots. The riots brought the SWAT team and even military. The Staten Island President James Oddo clearly stated to CNN News “Some folks here on Staten Island — our island, our home — will agree with the results, and many will not. In this matter, the Garner family, the NYPD and the office of the borough president speak with one voice when we say that disagreeing with the conclusion of the grand jury is your absolute right, and so is peacefully protesting the result and advocating for change.” Everyone has started to question, will the officer be charged with homicide?

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