One Direction Album Leaked!

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Yes, you heard right! One Direction’s new album, FOUR, was leaked online after a retail store in Brazil sold early copies of the album before it’s release date which was set to be on November 17. A Brazilian fan then bought the early copy and took a short, low quality video of the album. Ever since then the hash tag, #FOURLeaked has been trending on Twitter. To say that One Direction fans are upset is an understatement. The fans ranted on Twitter about how upset they are about the big news. Some even said they were mad that the fandom couldn’t wait another couple of days.

Although some are quite happy, saying how they “…didn’t think they could wait any longer,” and how proud they are of their boys. Louis Tomlinson spoke about the album leak in a recent interview saying, “We’ve got a kind of structure and a way we think it’s going to be received best as a fan. When that’s taken away from us, it is annoying.”  Niall Horan and Harry Styles both took sides in the fandom causing even more of a riot. Niall agrees with the upset fans saying “It’s so close to coming out, you could have waited another week or so and you could have had the real thing.” while Harry Styles sided with joyous fans, ” We’re very lucky that our fans seem to hear it, and then when it comes out, they buy it anyway because they want to support us,” he said.

This unexpected leak just so happened to occur right after One Direction released their second single from the album, “Ready to Run” This was also not the only song the band has released, the singers promised they would release a song ONLY if the fans reached certain social media goals. Since then the band has released songs for the album, including  “No control”, “Where do Broken Hearts Go,” “Fool’s Gold” and “Fire Proof.” Wow! The fans might have all the songs by the time the album comes out! They also have recently released a music video for their hit song “Steal my Girl.” (The video broke the VEVO record by having the most views in under 24 hours!) It just goes to show how powerful One Direction fans really are!

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