Patient Woke up During Surgery!!!

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It is one of the only or the only time you have heard that a patient woke up during surgery, well probably you have not heard a lot about people who accidentally wakes up during surgery, but there’s about 19,600 patients who wakes up during surgery.

A woman from Virginia, woke up during a  eye surgery in 1998, and for 16 year she has been sleeping in a recliner because if she lies flat, she gets flashbacks of the operating table and starts violently thrashing.

According to the largest study, about anesthesia, recently published, in which researchers surveyed more than 3 million patients who received general anesthesia in the United Kingdom and Ireland roughly one in 19,600 patients “accidentally” wakes up during surgery.

Previous studies in the United States reported a higher rate of one in 1,000 surgical patients. However, cases of anesthetic awareness in the new study were reported voluntarily by patients. Researchers did find that certain surgeries requiring “lighter” anesthesia, like emergency C-sections, carried a higher risk  a rate of one in 670.Most incidents of anesthetic awareness occurred among patients who had received paralytics as part of their anesthetic cocktail presumably since they couldn’t move to alert doctors to the fact they were regaining consciousness.

When anesthetic awareness does occur, doctors need to be more proactive in supporting patients, Pandit says.“We can’t dismiss the concerns of these patients. We need to offer immediate treatment to avoid long-term psychological harm.”

After all I think that it’s horrible to see how doctors are putting their hands on your organs and not feeling anything.


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