Peter And The Star Catchers (tweaked) (chapter 1 The First)

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Chapter 1

—The First—

As I went up stairs to my little orphan bed I noticed I was the first girl in the orphanage and to tell you the truth I was frightened because I did not know anybody and I felt alone for the first time. As the orphan directer got all the boys settled down and introduced them to me. Their names where Henry, Tomas, Timothy and Peter. I had my eyes on Peter the whole time and we just couldn’t lose eye contact. There was something interesting about him something I couldn’t think of but I thought I would find out sooner than later. That night I woke up to sounds of steps and candle light I got up and followed. As I followed the light I saw Peter going in the forbidden attic that Slank (the orphan director) said not to go in and if Slank found out Peter would get in big trouble, so I went up with him so I could worn him it was to late though Slank had garbed my solder and cuffed my ear hard everything went blurry for a second as I heard a loud ringing in my head, after that I heard a loud booming voice on the ear he cuffed me on he said


“I’m sorry” I yelled waking up all the other  boys in the orphanage “I went up to see what peter was doing! He”… then as slank turned around peter walked in with black hoop’s around his eyes as if he just woke up from a long sleep, after Slank saw peter all the boys looked at me as Slank turned around he had this disapproving face and said “your going to the cage!”

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Chapter 2

—The Cage—

The days where lonely and the nights are long with no food, no water and not even a bucket ( don’t ask what that is for). The only thing they gave me was a non-working radio. On the second night I heard the door creek open then all of a sudden the eye slot quickly slid open and a voice that sounded familiar said ” Penny! are you in there?” asked Peter ” yes I am” says Penny ” well Penny penny” says peter ” I have some bad news in the morning we are going to be sent to a castle on an island called Island Kahoot” ” that doesn’t sound like bad news to me! I mean Peter we are going to a castle with mads and servants…” “No” Peter interrupts ” Island Kahoot is a very bad place a king named Nicodemus the 3rd lives there and rumors say that if you don’t put your three fingers up to solute then he comps them clean off!” ” that’s not true” Says Penny in sup-prize ” but it is Penny you have to believe me they even have shops that sells 2 finger gloves!” “Why would Slank do this to us” pleads Penny “why would a orphanage director be so cruel!” Peter interrupts ” Penny I don’t think Slank did this…I” as Peter was about to say more he heard foot steps coming

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