Prepare for the Great Texan “Freeze”

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The weather is freezing down in the south west all the way down to Texas!This year the snow might shin on the hills tonight, and we want to be ready for that (if it happens). A phew house tips are to insulate any pipes that are out in the open such as foists, water hoses, and anything that has water pipping. Another tip, if you have a fire place best to get some logs and light them we need everybody’s house to stay warm and insulated if not insulated the chimney well have openings witch can let in the “icy” “cold” air can give everybody a cold or your family could become sick. Another thing keep your windows closed and if there are air leaks put pillows, blankets or towels on the opening slots of the bottom of the windows or sliding/regular doors. If there are openings on the top part of a window or on a side of a window your best friend would be poly insulation the best bet for one or two windows combined is the 3 liter can witch aren’t to expensive and can be self put on. You will also need to turn the heater on 81-85*F, if you put on the temperature higher than that it could cause a house hold fire and that is definitely not safe now is it?

Now I guess your house isn’t as important as you are I mean we don’t want you to go and get hypothermia “because that’s how cold it is”. So its best that you stay warm as well, so first you would want to where big jackets its not like being skinny is a big deal just where a really big jacket ¬†because the air on the inside of the jacket circulates and becomes warm air so it keeps you warm. You should also where clothes made out of cotton and for stylish boots you should definitely where “UG’S” ¬†and “BEAR CLAW” the felling of the boots are soft and stylish. Toughs are the ways to get through a stylish and “freezing” weather!

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