Robert Falcon Scott’s Journal Is Found After Being Buried In Ice For 100 Years

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Around one-hundred years ago a man named Robert Falcon Scott born on June 6, 1868 wrote about his exploration to Antarctica in the South Pole that started on November 1st, 1911. Although they had overcome all of the physical challenges they were beat by Roald Amundsen a Norwegian man (also one of their rivals) by an estimated thirty-three days, a black flag the day before symbolized the result of their journey. While returning from their long journey, Scott’s party discovered plant fossils, which proved that Antarctica was once joined with other continents.

The journey back to their base was around one hundred and fifty miles and the next depot was eleven miles away. Scott and his companions died from a combination of starvation, exhaustion, and extreme cold. His education also helped him wright his journal, he was educated at the Naval Cadet programme, While he was on his expedition he kept a daily log of the temperatures, whats going on around them and, how much supplies he had left over day after day.

There were four different logs that he kept of four different explorations that he went one, the were: The Voyage, Establishment of The Winter Base, Scientific Work, and Sledging expeditions. On his final expedition Scott was buried in snow and killed, it now being 100 years later  found him and all of his souvenirs, which included his journal, plant fossils, and little to no supplies.

In his second journal he wrote, “Now for a desperate struggle [to get the news through first]. I wonder if we can do it.” Since during this expedition he was racing with Amundsen to deliver a very important letter to king  King Haakon VII of Norway. When the two finished their job the press where they came from were not quiet sure who finished first. When Falcon died he was considered a hero in the eyes of the people and his journal gave some very valuable information. If it were not for some of his information some of the theories that there are today might not be quiet the same.

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