Say “No!” To Child Abuse

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On average, 1 in 10 children are fatal victims of child abuse and no one even knows. Most children blame themselves when parents/grandparents abuse them because they think they did something wrong. Parents abuse their kids for dumb,useless reasons, like if they didn’t clean or something like that. One of the worst things is, parents actually think it’s perfectly okay for them to hit a child. Kids think its okay that their parents abuse them because the kids are accustomed to it. Parents tend to think that when they abuse their children, its “discipline”.

The main reason I’m against child abuse is the children are innocent and no child for whatever reason deserves to be abused. Most children that get abused at home don’t want to speak up because they are afraid of getting abused more. I personally think everyone of all ages should report child abuse.  Sometimes people know when abuse is occurring and they don’t tell a teacher or parent. Nearly half of the children in foster care are abused.

I want all kids to speak up and tell a parent. I have some advice for people that get abuse, always speak up and you’re not alone and you have people to talk to when you’re feeling down. Most children who get abused at home get mentally hurt in the brain.When kids get abused, they have that image in their head for the rest of their lives. Children get physically and mentally damaged when they are abused. The most tragic results of child abuse is self harm and sometimes death.

So I want child abuse to end, for good. All children are innocent from child abuse and they do not deserve to get hurt. I want everyone to report child abuse, you can save lives of young innocent children. Will you report child abuse?

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